Alpine Ca residents choosing clean solar energy

Situated about 30 minutes east of the city of SanDiego  sits the small town of Alpine California, maybe best remembered for its family restaurants like the BreadBasket or Donato’s Italian dinning.


Alpine California has certainly grown over the years but still has that small town feeling to it.  Here are a few things you might not know about Alpine.

Alpine is actually part of the Cuyamaca mountain range.

Alpine located just 11 miles east of the city of Elcajon actually gets snow from time to time.

Residents of Alpine enjoy the back country life vine lifestyle but without living hours from the nearest shopping center or gas station.

There’s one more thing you might not know about Alpine, Alpine is a solar powered paradise. That’s right some of Alpines  residents in the last 10 years have really gotten familiar with solar powered energy. In fact several of the schools, public buildings and residents alike have taken advantage of harvesting free energy from the sun to provide their electricity needs. With energy costs on the rise and utility companies pushing back against cheaper energy rates solar just makes sense for the residents of Alpine.


Alpine Ca receives more than 320 days of clean, bright, energy filled sunshine each year that can be harvested through solar panels also known as photovoltaic cells. These solar panels convert the sun light into electricity that can be used to power home, small businesses and even commercial buildings like the once delicious breadbasket.

Unlike the once popular breadbasket which closed several years ago, sun light will be here for many years to come. As growing demand for housing continues to rise and power companies continue to raise power rates, solar will continue to gain popularity in Alpines sunny back country town.

Consider looking at solar as an alternative power source for your home or business today. Going solar in Alpine Ca is as easy as setting up an appointment. Everything from site survey, plans, permits and installation are taken care of while you continue to take care of your daily life.  Solar does not have to be complicated nor does it require any face presentations that most people don’t want to see.


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