How Much Does Solar Save

The number one question people ask when considering solar is How Much does solar save ?

To answer that question requires a few simple calculations and an evaluation of energy consumption used by each individual home. As you may already know every home is different when it come to the amount of electricity needed to power those homes.

The biggest difference is the size of the home. the bigger the home the more likely it is that more air conditioning or heating will be used to control the temperature in the home.

The Second biggest difference is how many people are living a home. The more people the more cooking, laundry, lights, appliances, tv’s and other electronics that will be consuming electricity.

In most cases the average solar owner will see a 70-90% decrease in utility power costs and will generate 100-150% of the energy used in a home or business.  Our clients use solar because its the #1 source for electricity that is cheaper and abundantly available to every home owner.  Switching to solar is also simple and affordable for every budget.

No matter if you own a m million dollar home or a $90,000 dollar home we make solar affordable to every home owner and we make the savings make sense.

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