Bird Proofing Solar Panels



It seems that birds love solar panels just as much as we love the savings those solar panels bring us.  Unfortunately birds seem to be attracted to solar panels because the panels provide a safe place for birds to hide.

48Solar is a one stop source for everything related to solar including Bird Proofing Solar Panels.  We’ve seen it, we’ve dealt with it and that’s the difference between 48Solar and every other solar provider out there.  Nine out of ten solar companies are nothing more than a few sales guys who created a sales team and called it a company.

48Solar is a full service solar provider offering more than just a sales operation.

48Solar handles everything solar related including solar design, Energy evaluations, Installation origination,  financing, service , solar cleaning and bird proofing solar panels.


To keep birds from nesting under solar panels we offer a complete pest deterrent  system.  Our bird and pest deterrent systems are affordable and guarantee you won’t have bird nesting your solar panels ever again.


There are a few great reasons to consider bird deterrents. Fist things first, who really wants to deal with nasty bird poop all over your roof ? Not to mention bird droppings carry diseases that are transmitted by breathing in the dust caused by these droppings during windy days.


As a full service solar company, we are proud to provide all solar related services including bird proofing solar panels. Using only the best quality materials we make sure those nasty pest birds won’t be calling your roof top home.  Contact us today and let’s us rid your home disease filled bird droppings and keep the birds out.

Voted Yumas Best Solar company for integrity, service, quality materials and workmanship.  Your home demands the best and we deliver . Contact us today.

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