Cleaning Solar Panels

Regular service and cleaning solar panels is essential for keeping your solar power system running efficiently. At 48Solar & Roofing in San Diego, Jamul, and Yuma, AZ, we offer solar panel cleaning and maintenance services at your convenience so that you enjoy maximum benefit from your investment. Contact a member of our team for an evaluation and to schedule regular solar power maintenance today.


Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Much like any other appliance or electronics in your home, solar power panels require regular cleaning to operate properly. Solar panels work by converting the sun’s rays – and the light particles within them – into electric current you use throughout your home. When they are clean from dust and other debris, your solar panels can collect maximum sunlight for maximum electricity output.

Certain cleaning chemicals can damage your solar panels and the delicate technology within them. It is important to consult with a professional like those at 48Solar & Roofing to avoid costly damage. We can evaluate your system to determine how frequently your panels need cleaned depending on their size, the weather in your area, and other factors.


Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Solar power technology has come a long way since it was first introduced for residential and business use. To make the most of this technology, your solar panels and system must be maintained. You should also have a professional perform a regular audit of your system to determine if your electric production has lessened and why.

Our team can evaluate your solar panels, the photovoltaic cells within them and the underlying system that captures and converts light particles into electric current. We can quickly repair or replace any damaged parts of your solar power system before they cause long-term damage. Regular solar panel maintenance will catch potential malfunctions before you require costly repairs.


Protect Your Clean Energy Investment

If you require maintenance for solar panels on your home, business or pool, click the button below. A 48Solar & Roofing representative in San Diego, Jamul, or Yuma, AZ, can provide a price estimate for regular solar cleaning and maintenance. Protect your investment today.

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