Solar Power FAQ

The team at 48Solar & Roofing in San Diego, Jamul , and Yuma, AZ, knows all about solar panel systems. There are several common questions that our clients generally ask when they are considering having a solar energy system installed. Below, we answer some commonly asked questions about solar panel installation, cost savings, maintenance, and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment and evaluation at your home or business.

Q: How does solar power work?

A: Solar power uses the sun’s natural rays to create electric energy that you can use around your home or business. This electricity works just like the electricity you pay for from the electric company.

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, which capture photons (light particles in sun rays). These photons knock electrons (energized particles) free, which create electricity. The electricity is caught in a closed circuit, which travels through the wiring in your house, powering your electric appliances.

Q: What if my solar panels don’t create enough electricity to power my house or business?

A: At 48Solar & Roofing in San Diego, Jamul, and Yuma, AZ, we will work with you to design a solar panel plan that meets your electrical needs as well as possible. Even if your solar panels do not cover your entire electric bill, you can still look forward to a substantial percentage of savings off of your bill over time.

It is important to work with professionals who will give you an honest evaluation of your property and place solar panels only when appropriate. A property with too much shade or not enough sunlight will not achieve the same energy savings as a well-lit area. Proper placement of each panel is also important for maximum sun absorption. Contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Q: Aren’t solar panels expensive?

A: When they were first introduced to the general public, solar panels were very expensive because the technology used in the panels was not widely used. Since then, the price of a solar installation has steadily dropped. The U.S. Department of Energy has reported a 60% drop in the price of solar panels since 2010. The federal government may offer up to 30% in tax credits for a solar installation, as well.

While there are additional costs to consider in solar panel maintenance and other fees, most customers begin to experience right away and continue saving for years.

Q: How is a solar pool heating system different than solar panels on a home or business?

A: In short, solar panels on a house or business create electricity, while solar heating for a pool does not. While both use the clean energy power of the sun, pool heating uses it to heat water directly, while panels use it to create electric energy.

A solar pool heating system passes water through small tubes, propelled by a pump. When this water passes through an area targeted by the sun, it is heated. A solar energy system for a home or business captures photons from the sun and uses them to create energized particles, which create electricity.

Q: What should I look for when choosing a solar energy system provider?

A: Experience is key when it comes to solar power evaluation and installation. If your solar panels are not the correct size, not placed in the correct location and direction, or are simply wrong for your location, they will not work efficiently. The team at 48Solar & Roofing in San Diego, Jamul, and Yuma, AZ, has the experience and training to provide an honest evaluation.

In addition to choosing a provider who can properly install and manage your solar panels, you may want to select a provider who can guide you through your solar installation. Our team can help educate you on specific permits and zoning restrictions you will need to address specific to your area. We can also help you apply for federal, state, and local tax breaks.

Q: How will I clean and maintain my solar panels or solar pool heating system?

A: While some owners choose to clean their solar panels or pool heating system themselves, we highly recommend using a professional service. Cleaning your solar panels on your own can be a strenuous and dangerous task. Without using the correct techniques and soap, you could damage your panels or pool heating system.

The team at 48Solar & Roofing can schedule regular cleaning and maintenance for your solar panels or solar pool heating system. Our experts will ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency and clean it safely. They can also repair or replace any parts that are worn or damaged, before more costly repairs are required.

Getting Started with Solar Power

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