Backup Generators

As your lives become increasingly tech centric, challenges arise that require us to stay one foot ahead of the unexpected like power loses due to grid failures, emergency disasters like flood, fires


or the occasional car accident that takes down a power poll on your street leaving you sitting in the dark for hours or even days. These inconveniences can not only be an interruption to our daily lives but can also be costly.

Having your refrigerator go without power can cost hundreds of dollars in lost food or commodities, having your home or business go without power can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in loss of productivity, business and lost revenue.


So Here’s the good part, 48Solar & Roofing offers clients the ability to not only generate their own power during normal operations of your home or business With solar energy but we also pride ourselves in providing full home or business back up power systems that will keep your entire electrical system up and operating no matter the circumstances.



We offer everything from small simple portable systems designed to run your essentials all the way to fully automated systems that recognize when your power grid goes down and automatically kick on to keep everything you want up and operating.


Getting a quote for a integrated or portable back up system is as easy as filling out our get a quote form and one of our highly trained and certified energy pros will get you an up front quote and have you self generating your power when you need it most.