Titan Solar Power

Titan Solar Is an Arizona licensed Solar installation Contractor servicing Yuma and other Arizona Cities.

What you need to know about choosing the right solar company and what the difference is between solar sales organizations working within the Titan Solar power umbrella.

When shopping for solar your sure to run across many different sales organizations  but did you know that 9 out of 10 are using our same installation partner ? That’s  right, many of the solar companies you will come across are actually utilizing our installation partner. This means that just about everyone is accessing the same equipment, same warranty, same installation service and same install process.


so what is the difference ? Well it really boils down to using a reputable sales agent who’s integrity comes before making a profit.  Now we know this is extremely hard to find in today’s world but there is one company in Yuma that has built its reputation on integrity and not sales quotas.

48Solar Is a Direct solar company. This means we work directly with our installation partners like Titan Solar Power. Many sales people in the Yuma solar market are 3rd and even 4th party services. 48Solar is a Titan Solar Power Direct Sales Partner. We deal direct so that our clients get the best service in the solar industry. We also control pricing points. By taking control of the solar process we are able to insure higher standards and quality control.


When most companies just allow sales agents to run loose, they lose control of pricing, quality and customer satisfaction.  We believe in setting higher standards, having better quality control and removing the temptations that allow price gouging.

Go direct and skip all the sales people and 3rd party services.
getting a quote only takes minutes. CLICK HERE and skip all the 3rd party solar sales services.