APS Rate Hike

Arizona Utilities PoliticsAPS Rate Hike seeks 184-Million.
The fight between power monopoly utility giants and the rate payers has never been more real. In the last few years Arizona residents have been hit with rate hikes that in many cases have nearly doubled rate payer electric bills.


In 2017 Arizona power giant APS restructured the solar net metering system to benefit themselves and cost rate payers more. After funding campaigns for two Arizona Corporation commissioners, APS was able to get the votes required to devalue solar credits each following year without requiring another vote by the ACC. Also APS changed its time of use rate structure so that customers would be hit with power rates during the afternoon when most families are just coming home. These rates are more than double the rate during the rest of the day at 24Cents per kilowatt hour.


In addition to all this APS raised off peak rates by nearly 43% for the power used during off peak hours that accounts for nearly 70-80% of consumers usage and APS rate hikes have been on the rise more frequently. With corporation commissioners sitting on the commission who APS funded campaigns for, this brings a new meaning to internally controlled corruption. It’s also no surprise that APS in 2017-2018 paid the CEO nearly 15-million dollars annually.

CEO of similar sized not for profit AZ power company SRP is paid 1-million dollars to do a similar job.  In 2017 AZ news outlets reported APS profited 144-Million dollars.  The corruption in the AZ power monopoly needs to stop but it requires Arizona rate payers coming together as one.  The corporation commission is controlled by big money and therefore has an unforeseen advantage. The answer is simple yet affective.  DO NOT allow big monopoly power companies to have a say so or control rate payer rates as well as solar credits earned by rate payers.
The choice is simple. Rate payers controls the utility company not the other way around.

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