How to choose the best solar installer in Yuma Az


  When choosing the a solar company for your residential or commercial solar installation here are the top five things to keep in mind. 1- What equipment is offered by your solar provider? Remember that saying, you get what you pay for. Cheap prices mean cheap equipment and cheap equipment will eventually lead to failures… [Read More]

Alpine Ca residents choosing clean solar energy


Situated about 30 minutes east of the city of SanDiego  sits the small town of Alpine California, maybe best remembered for its family restaurants like the BreadBasket or Donato’s Italian dinning. Alpine California has certainly grown over the years but still has that small town feeling to it.  Here are a few things you might… [Read More]

Best solar companies in Yuma Arizona, Choosing the right company.


Yuma Arizona is known well for two things. First is the extreme summer heat and second is the extensive amount of solar going up that powers thousands of Yuma homes. So you have to ask yourself why is everyone in Yuma going solar? Well the answer is simple, people are tired of over paying for… [Read More]

Utilities are battling solar in Arizona but why? Solar save consumers money in Yuma Az.


Over the last few years the community of Yuma AZ has seen a huge influx of solar installations. Along with the growing demand for solar power by consumers has come the fight to push back by Arizona utility companies including utility giant APS. Of course it’s no secret that power companies everywhere are moving to cut… [Read More]

Sunrun Solar For SanDiego county Residents


When people think about solar many times Sunrun comes to mind first. Sunrun solar systems offer some of the best warranties along with 24/7 monitoring for peace of mind. Sunrun offers no upfront cost systems along with finance and lease options that can be custom tailored to fit any type of budget and roof type…. [Read More]

Solar in Jamul saves customers thousands.


When you think SDG&E you automatically think of high SanDiego electric bills. In east county many countryside residents of Jamul, Dulzura and Apline are paying as much as 47cents per kilowatt hour for their electricity. This coupled with high humidity and warm summer temps means electric bills that can exceed $500.00 per month for some…. [Read More]

Going solar in SanDiego

Solar Savings

Its no secret that California Residents benefit from huge savings when it comes to generating their own solar power energy.  So why haven’t all SanDiego residents gone solar ?  Debugging the myths surrounding solar in SanDiego county. 1-” Solar is a long term investment” in reality solar customers see savings on day one and that… [Read More]

What big utilities don’t want you to know.

It’s no secret that monopoly utility giant in Arizona has been fighting solar hard for the last few years. From running reverse psychology adds to full on smear campaigns against solar, western Arizona’s utility giant has gotten its rate payers to fight its battle for them. Here are some interesting facts about solar and what… [Read More]

Frequently asked solar questions.


here are the most frequently asked question that clients ask us and why they haven’t gotten the correct answers until meeting with us. 1- Does solar really work ? Answer- yeas solar really does work, just look at the facts. For every kilowatt hour you produce with solar is a kilowatt hour you won’t have… [Read More]