APS Rate increase

Well as if things aren’t bad enough for all Arizona residents, utility giant APS is seeking another $184-Million Dollar Rate hike coming in December 2020.


The monopoly power giant who’s CEO who has been said to make more than 15-Million Dollars annually, claims they are loosing money because of certain rulings that forbid them from shutting off power to homes for lack of payment during the summer. If you recall sometime back APS shut off power to an elderly persons home during the extreme summer heat causing them to die from heat exposure.


APS also claims its needs more money to power its coal burring operation at four corners. You can read the entire article here :

So how can you save your self from the never ending excuses that lead to astronomical power bills you ask ? Well there’s two options !


First option is completely illogical and probably won’t work for you but you could go live in a cave off the grid. Or the second option and probably the smartest is to obtain a self generating solar power system that will mitigate your power bill and allow you freedom from over priced power bills and APS rate increase.


Solar is simple, affordable and easy to obtain. The only real qualification for going solar is that you own your home, your roof has good exposure to the sun, and you want to save money on your power bill.


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