Are free solar panels really free

You’ve seen the adds, your Facebook is bombarded with the never ending “ Free Solar Panels “ adds even telling you that the government will pay you anywhere from one thousand to five thousand dollars to go solar. So does free solar really exist ? The answer is simply NO ! If solar was actually free and if there was absolutely no cost involved, then every single roof top in America would have solar on it.  The truth is many less than reputable companies create adds that they hope will real enough leads that a few will convert to a sale.

Free Solar panels are 100% a myth, If companies were giving away solar panels then how would they remain in business ? How would they cover their overhead expenses or pay their employees and insurance ?

Free solar adds are designed to get peoples interested enough to fill out a lead form in hopes of obtaining free solar, only to be bombarded with hundreds of phone calls, emails and sales people banging on your door from ever company across the country trying to sell you solar that’s NOT free.

Here are the facts about free solar.
FREE SOLAR does NOT exist.  Now here’s the good news about going solar in todays energy  market.


#1 – you can obtain solar for your home with no big upfront cost. In most cases solar lenders will finance 100% of your solar system for you.

#2 – Solar loan payments are cheaper than your utility bill and save you money every month.

#3 – When a solar system is sized correctly it will produce enough energy to off set your annual utility costs nearly 100%.

#4 – There are still reputable companies that will give it to you straight without all the smoke and mirrors and without the empty hopes of getting something for free.

#5 – The government does allow for a 30% federal tax credit that when leveraged by a tax payer, can be used towards the purchase of your new solar system. There are additional state tax credits depending on the state you live in.


At 48 Solar we’ve made it our mission to give customers the facts about solar even if they don’t buy from us. We offer a free energy evaluation to determine if solar is right for you. We NEVER push or pressure our clients into buying solar. We deliver facts rather than empty promises, we deliver an honest evaluation rather than a sales pitch.  We look to have long term customers because we offer service long after the sale.
Our clients tell us that their experience with us far exceeds their expectations and is a fresh breath of air from what they have experienced elsewhere.

Get a free evaluation and see how much you can save by producing your own energy vs paying the utility company for the same amount of power.