AZ Covid 19 Energy Relief

As Arizona heats up so do the power bills. With Covid 19  many people are out of work and everyone’s worried about how to pay that electric bill. In the last couple weeks Arizona residents have seen a huge spike in temperatures, air conditioners are already being turned on and soon those high electric bills will follow.  With Arizona temperatures exceeding 115 degrees in the summer it’s no wonder that most homeowners see electricity bills skyrocket.
So you get your APS bill, you open it and boom $300.00, then the following month it’s $400.00 and it seems there’s no end in sight.


Well 48Solar Az has been fighting to get Arizona residents some relief from those high energy bills and now we’ve worked out a deal with our lending and lease companies to come up with a program that relieves you of your electric and solar bill for 9-12 months.
imagine not having to make any electric related bill payment for a year !

Introducing the 48solar Yuma Az Covid 19 Energy Relief Program
So how does it work ? Our lending lease company has agreed to offer our AZ customers a $1.00 per months payment for 6 months. On top of that 48Solar will be pay up to $1000.00 towards customers electric bills for 6 months plus 48Solar will cover the other $1.00 payment due by the solar leasing lender.  This means no electric related bills for up to 12 full months.

How do you take advantage of this special program ?

Getting started is simple as 1-2-3

First you contact our energy savings specialist by filling out a simple 30second  form

Second your professional solar consultant will reach out to you and evaluate your energy bill and power usage.


Third we will file all the paperwork, design the system, have it professionally installed and take care of everything for you ! Right about now your asking yourself what’s the catch? NO CATCH ! If your a homeowner then you already qualify to take advantage of the covid 19 energy savings program.

Let us handle the hard stuff so you can concentrate on taking care of your family during this difficult and uncertain time.  Click now to get started and watch those energy bills go away.  Click or call now and let us squash that power bill.