Before you pay for a roof coating job.

what to watch out for when hiring anyone to apply roof coating products to your roof.

#1 – Coating over a dirty roof.
Recently we observed a roofing contractor who swept a roof with a broom and was going to apply an elastomeric roof coating to a dirty roof. Roof coatings will not properly bond to to a dirty roof and will not create a water tight seal.  To many roofing contractors cut corners because they know that most home owners don’t know a single thing about how to correctly apply commercial grade roof coatings.  This can be a costly mistake hire any company that doesn’t take the correct steps to prepare your roof for a long lasting, water tight roof coating.


#2  Cheap coating materials vs commercial grade materials.
Its a fact that way to many roofers are cutting corners by purchasing the cheapest roof coating materials on the market, in fact the difference between cheap coating products and commercial grade products is about 50% less.   The issue isn’t the cost but rather the reliability of the product.  You get what you pay for.

#3 Cutting corners to save time .