Best Desert SouthWest Roofing Company #1

        The best desert Southwest Roofing company you’ll ever do business with!


living in the desert south west means that your homes roof is subjected to extreme temperatures, winds and weather conditions that affect the life of your homes roofing materials. So when you need a new roof how do you know who to turn to ?

How to I pick the best Desert Southwest Roofing Company?

When you think about the many desert southwest roofing companies you probably ask yourself, “ how do I pick the best roofing company in my area”?  If you want the best service, the best roofing products, the best warranty and a company that stands behind its work, then choose 48Solar & Roofing, providing the best desert Southwest roofing services with a proven track record.

Dependability is everything 

when you contact the roofing professionals at 48Solar & roofing you get more than you bargained for, we are not your average or typical roofing service. 48Solar & roofing by far exceeds the average customer service offered by most desert southwest roofing companies and service providers.  We use state of the art software to professionally organize our projects, track our appointments, and provide the absolute best service found anywhere.

Superior Roofing materials:

All American manufactured roofing materials, at 48Solar & Roofing we use only the best roofing materials manufactured in the United States of America.  We are proud to provide superior roofing materials backed by 30 and even 50 year manufacturer warranties for your peace of mind.

A+ Rated better business bureau roofing company 

peace of mind starts with choosing an A+ rated desert southwest roofing company, that why we strive to exceed every customers expectation and we are proud to be an A+ rated company with the better business bureau.
when you call 48Solar & roofing you can expect to get the best of the best.

Great service, the best products, the best warranties & the job done right.

 When you decided that done right is more important than done cheap, then contact the company that’s focuses on procuring the gap highest quality work in the desert southwest .  Start today with a free quote