Best Roofing Companies In Yuma

What is the most important part of your home ? The roof. Your roof protects your home from rain, heat, cold, the sun and more.  Your roof is also the second largest investment you will make in your home so when it comes to having your roof replaced  you probably turn to the internet searching the best roofing companies in Yuma.

When considering a new roof what makes one roofing provider  better than another ?  It’s a known fact that finding a reputable company is somewhat difficult but 48Solar and roofing is turning that around.

48Solar understands the difficulties in finding a reliable roofing provider . We did a survey of several local roofing companies in Yuma and SanDiego and this is what we found.

1-Unclear and extremely vague estimates .

2-No break down of material, labor or extras required for the job.

3-No measurements to back up the amount of material being sold.

4-Wholesale roofing materials.

So what can you expect from 48Solar & Roofing setting us apart as a provider of the Best Roofing companies in Yuma?


What does 48Solar and roofing offer that others may not ? Well 48Solar has built its name on providing a level of service not found anywhere else. We’ve been proving Yuma and SanDiego residents with five star customer service since day one and here’s what you can expect from us that others just don’t offer.


A written estimate detailing every aspect of what your actually buying.

No Hidden charges or surprises.

Twenty, Thirty and even 50 year warranties available.

Top quality material from top manufactures ( No wholesale junk )

Price matching . We will price match any  company and then show you the difference between cheep roofing and quality roofing.


Pair your new roof with an energy saving solar power system and get a 26% federal tax credit on your roof and solar system.


On time service because we’ve noticed it’s hard finding anyone to even show up.

Delivering our clients an extraordinary experience with the highest level of integrity. We provide our clients with a fully detailed estimate including the amount of material your buying , the square footage of your roof, an estimate of any possible hidden damages under your existing roof .

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