Best solar company in Yuma Arizona

Yuma Arizona is known well for two things. First is the extreme summer heat and second is the extensive amount of solar going up that powers thousands of Yuma homes. So you have to ask yourself why is everyone in Yuma going solar? Well the answer is simple, people are tired of over paying for electricity and second everyone knows the utility company is a monopoly.

So there’s a lot of misconceptions when it comes to choosing the right company for your solar system so what should you look for ? Our recommendations  for choosing the right solar company are as follows.5AE23880-F0F6-4420-A3E1-B5711FDD39EA

First choose a company that doesn’t use pushy sales men or women. A good company will educate rather than sell its customers.

Find a company that can answer your questions without referring to a book, sales manual, index cards or having to call someone to answer your questions. Often many companies churn through sales people and this is because the sales people are never trained properly on the product they are offering and usually leave consumers scratching their heads in confusion.

Choose a company or franchise that’s taken the time to establish locally. Local business owners are vested in the community and they contribute to the local economy, local jobs and are good for the community.


Don’t be bought.   Many companies sell customers by making ridiculous offers of cash, prizes, extra upgrades, free services, promises that they won’t ever fulfill. Many companies offer things like “ free attic insulation, Free Lighting upgrades, Free solar monitoring system, smart home systems or other enticing items” the truth is these items are rarely free and have already been added right into the price of your solar system. In many cases we’ve found that customers could save thousands by having these extra services completed by another contractor or company of their choosing. Most solar companies don’t actually do any of these additional service and they sub the work out to other contractors with a significant profit.  If a company has to buy you with special offerings above just doing your solar system then there’s something wrong.

The best price doesn’t mean the best equipment or solar system.  You’ve heard that saying “ you get what you pay for “  well that saying definitely apply to solar.


Many times we see those advertisements “ lowest price in town “ or “ we will beat any price”  well if your price shopping then your sure to end up getting what you paid for. There’s no magic when it comes to pricing solar. There’s no million dollar mark ups or cheaper suppliers or bulk rates when it comes to buying your solar system. Many times we’ve seen companies cut corners offering cheep unreliable equipment or  under sizing the system in order to get to a specific price only to disappear right after install because the customer wanted a cheap price so they sold them junk and then disappeared. The cheapest Price doesn’t mean the best solar company in Yuma Arizona.


If your looking cheap solar then companies will find a way to make it cheaper but this means your probably not getting what you think your paying for.

We recommend that you get two quotes, and choose the company that didn’t try selling you using sales tactics, offering prizes, cash or extra upgrades for so-called free.

48 Solar offers Up front pricing, easy to understand terms, fixed rates, low interest rates, 20 & 25 year manufacturer warranties, top grade equipment and an educational process with no sales pressure. We won’t claim to be the best, we don’t claim to have the lowest prices, we don’t pressure our customers and we don’t offer so called free upgrades with hidden costs.


48Solar Serves the communities we work in, participates in giving back to the community, contributes to the local economy buy hiring all local help in the cities or towns we service.

48solar is proud to be a locally owned and operated company with locally owned locations in several states including AZ, CA, NV, NM, TX, UT, FL


48 solar was awarded “  Best Solar Company In Yuma Arizona  2018 and we are striving to meet that demand again in 2019 with our clients .