Best Solar Installation In Jamul Ca

0152A460-87C5-4715-AF6C-3123F8951EFAWhen you think SDG&E you automatically think of high SanDiego electric bills. In east county many countryside residents of Jamul, Dulzura and Apline are paying as much as 47cents per kilowatt hour for their electricity. This coupled with high humidity and warm summer temps means electric bills that can exceed $500.00 per month for many residents.   

70FF864A-0E79-4594-A30B-660D74815F92 48Solar SanDiego  serves SanDiego county and is based in Jamul Ca. We service Jamul, Dulzura, Alpine, Descanso, Pine Valley, Campo and east county SanDiego. Going solar in SanDiego is simple and easy when you choose 48Solar. SanDiego sees beautiful sunshine all year with few cloudy days allowing your SanDiego county home to be powered by the sun.   Solar is clean, affordable, easy to obtain, and best of all it saves money while reducing dependency on oil and fossil fuel.  New homes in SanDiego will be built with solar so why not get your home retrofitted for clean renewable energy. 



Retrofitting your home, barn or commercial property with solar can be simple in most cases but in many it can be a difficult sometime getting the exact design that you want. Don’t worry because we have the tools and technology that is required to design residential and commercial solar systems. We also offer ground mount arrays, Shade structure platforms and much more.  In most cases its the small details that matter the most and our electrical installers are detail oriented.


So How do you choose the person who will provide you the Best Solar Installation In Jamul Ca ? When you Call us you can rest share that Leonard Manos and his team of experienced solar professionals are going to bat for you the home owner.  We’ve been showing people how to cut utility bills since the late 90″s early 2000.  When you call 48 Solar your not just calling another solar sales person from an unknown own unrecognized company, Your calling a company that has been raised in the Jamul Community and prides itself on providing the Best Solar Installation In Jamul Ca.  Our professional partners consist of licensed electricians, Roofers, and energy analysis experts with more than 20 years of solar experience.   We can provide both in-person analysis as well as online services for those who might not have much  time available.  Getting an solar analysis for your home or business is simple, Fast and takes only 60 seconds to GET STARTED  and unlike Angies list or home advisor your dealing direct with us and we will NEVER SHARE YOUR INFO WITH ANYONE ! Click now to get started.