Solar Lighting


Fast Lighting by 48Solar.    Ever come home late to a dark driveway or dark entryway because you forgot to leave a light on ? And with energy rates climbing past the sky, who can can afford to leave the lights on ?        DARK DRIVEWAY               … [Read More]

San Diego Solar


48Solar & Roofing is an originator of San Diego Solar power systems and  solar panel cleaning services. You want a professional when it comes to your photovoltaic solar panel system, at 48 Solar & roofing we know and understand the issues home owners face when searching for a reputable San Diego Solar service provider such… [Read More]

Yuma’s Best Solar panel Cleaning


Looking for the best company to service your solar investment ? Yuma’s Best Solar Panel Cleaning , 48Solar is your full service company and we are bringing a refreshing customer experience to the local solar  & roofing industry. Solar is a significant investment in your home and is a commercial grade piece of equipment that requires a… [Read More]

Solar Roofing Specialists


STOP, Before you spend big money on a new roof let us give you a few tips that can save you big money. Your roof is the only thing standing between you and the outside elements beating down on your home. Roofing repairs  are inevitable and eventually your roof will need to be replaced.  … [Read More]

Best solar company


What does being the best really mean ? Does being the best mean having custom designed service vehicles with fancy decals ?  Does being the best mean having flashy looking outfits or uniforms ? Does being the best mean posting pictures of yourself claiming to be the best just because you think no one will… [Read More]

Yuma Roofing Company


When it rains, it pours! Did you know most people wait till their roof is leaking before they think about roof maintenance. Did you know roof maintenance can save you thousands in water damage repairs ? It’s true, water damage is an expensive journey but it’s very avoidable. So it’s raining outside and all of… [Read More]