Water Damage Restoration

Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make so protecting it from water damage should be a priority you take serious. Water Damage can come from several places in your home. The most common water damage is caused by leaking pipes, leaking fixtures, or a leaking roof. So what can you do to… [Read More]

Yuma Solar Cleaning


Your solar system was a big investment so why wouldn’t you treat it with the same attention and care that you do your car or home?  The average cost of a solar system is approximately $25,000 Dollars, that’s about the same price as a new car. But we take our cars to the car wash… [Read More]

Yuma Solar Yuma Az


Looking for solar ?  You’ve just searched yuma solar Yuma Az  and found Yumas best solar company 48Solar.  48Solar has been servicing solar customers for years and is a first choice for customers looking to go solar in Yuma. Did you know that going solar requires no money up front and is cheaper than your current… [Read More]

Best Solar Company in Yuma


Looking for the best solar company in Yuma ? What you need to know when thinking about going solar. Not all solar companies are created equal, many solar companies send out teams of door knockers to set up sales appointments so that consumers never get a chance to review different companies before going solar.  … [Read More]

Solar panel washing


You made the investment in a solar power system but now your solar panels are covered in dirt, bird poop, sand and other contamination that keeps them from producing at their best. What’s the solution ? Solar Panel Washing !  But hold on a minute, can I just take my hose up on my roof… [Read More]

Best Solar installer In Yuma Az

Looking for the Best Solar Installer In Yuma Az  for your  home or business ? Look no further because you’ve found Yumas best solar system provider. With 20, 25 and even 30 year warranties Yumas best solar is 48Solar Yuma. Founded in Yuma AZ, we’ve provided hundreds of residential homes, businesses  and covered commercial parking… [Read More]