Best Solar installer In Yuma Az

Looking for the Best Solar Installer In Yuma Az  for your  home or business ? Look no further because you’ve found Yumas best solar system provider. With 20, 25 and even 30 year warranties Yumas best solar is 48Solar Yuma. Founded in Yuma AZ, we’ve provided hundreds of residential homes, businesses  and covered commercial parking lots with clean reliable solar energy systems. Our model, “Do it right the first time or not at all”  is simple yet effective and ensures your solar project will be done right the first time or we will advise you up front that it can  not be done at all if we foresee issues that would prohibit the installation on your home or property.


Buy Local and know what you are really getting.  We’ve seen a huge influx in out of town solar companies coming into Yuma Az and with it has come many issues including  No local customer support, No Service when needed, No local repair techs, and in many cases companies that run back to phoenix as soon as the install is complete and are never heard from ever again.

48Solar offers local Customer support, Local techs if you. ever have a problem, Local equipment warehouse, Local Installation techs, and customer service that exceeds our customers expectations.



Best solar equipment, best service, best warranties and as always we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing our community with only the very best customer service.


Getting a free quote is easy and only takes 60 seconds and we do the rest for you.  Click here

When receiving a professional solar analysis from 48solar Yuma you can rest easy knowing your getting the best service, the best equipment, and the best solar installer in Yuma Az