Certified Solar Panel Cleaning

Choosing  a certified solar panel cleaning company to maintain your photovoltaic solar panels  should not only be a consideration, it should be a requirement if you care about the investment you made in your solar system.

Your solar power system is a high voltage, electricity power generator that should only be serviced, cleaned or maintained by a certified solar panel cleaning company.

What’s the difference between most solar panel service companies ?  The biggest difference is 99% of solar cleaning services are not actually certified solar companies, in fact 99% of solar panel cleaning services found on google are nothing less than handy man services or Mobil power washers. So why is it important that you understand the difference ? Let’s face it, everyone with a pickup  truck and a pressure washer wants to call them selves an expert but the proof is in the experience.

Anyone can run down to the local home depot and purchase a $200 dollar power washer and throw it in the trunk their car and start washing stuff, but here’s what you need to know cleaning your solar panels and why it’s extremely important to always use a certified solar panel cleaning service.

#1- Never allow anyone to power wash your solar panels. There are three ways to not clean solar panels. Manufacturers specifically warn against the use of high powered pressure washing.  High powered pressure washing can damage solar panels causing an electrical fire on your roof. The seals on your solar panels are not designed to withstand the extreme pressure from a Mobil power washer.
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#2-Theres a big difference between a handy, a Mobil car wash and a certified solar panel cleaning expert. Certified solar experts specialize in photovoltaic power systems. From design, sales, installation, service, maintenance and solar panel cleaning, a certified solar expert will provide the services that follow manufacturer guidelines to preserve your warranty.

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