Choosing the right Yuma solar service company

With the internet being busier and more congested than a five lane interstate freeway during rush hour , theres a million different companies advertising on google, Facebook, Instagram, yahoo and the internet in general. So now how do you decide who to go with?


Well choosing the right company is going to be key to a successful and pleasant solar buying or service experience .  Today we are going to break down the top three things to look for when choosing a Yuma Solar Service company.

#1. It seems there is  a dozen new companies popping up every few weeks on google and social media but all is not what it seems.  It’s pretty easy to get a google or Facebook page set up and looking like a real company but with a little research you’ll find 9 out of 10 of most google searched companies are little more than just a sales outfit selling solar for another company or they are a multi level marketing company.

#2. The “ We Do Everything under the sun “ company .  Honestly ask yourself this question. Would you hire a plumber to work on your car ? Or how about a landscaper to work on your electrical ? Well that seems to be the trend when searching through Yuma solar service companies.  You honestly can’t be a an expert in 10 different fields.  There’s plenty of handymen out there who try everything to make a dollar but do you really want them servicing your $25,000-$40,000 dollar solar investment ? Or would rather have a solar expert who’s fully trained, licensed, insured and certified in solar and electrical power systems ? You can hire a guy who works out of the trunk of his car or you can hire a professional solar company with years of solar experience.


#3. “The sale man” 9 out of 10 solar sales people are nothing more than that, by that I mean independent 3rd party sales guys who work for someone who works for someone else and whenever you need help there’s 20 different people you have to deal with.

Skip the sales people, skip the handymen, skip the hoops and circus sales shows and save yourself the headache.

There is a better way to purchase solar and a better way to get factory trained service for your solar system.
Contact your Yuma solar direct energy provider today and


48Solar is a solar direct company . We work hand in hand with our suppliers, our installers, and our service technicians.  48Solar specializes in photovoltaic solar, wind and electrical powered systems.  The installation process is done by state licensed electricians with years of schooling and on the job training.
Our solar service technicians are put through a rigorous training process that ensures they do the job right every single time and our technicians stay with us for years so there’s virtually no turn over . This all means that when a 48Solar technician shows up at your home you know your not hiring a handy man or a janitor , your hiring a professional with years of experience. Get a free quote here