Do roof coatings really work.

It’s the one thing on our home that protects it from the elements, the roof.  Every day you see people painting their roof with silicone or elastomeric coatings, or spray foam all in an attempt to extend the life of their roof, but these type of coatings all have one major flaw, they require ridiculous amounts of maintenance at a high cost.


Foam does not hold up well in the sweltering heat of the desert. Foam dries out, cracks, puddles water and eventually fails unless you keep re-coating  it every couple years, not to mention it’s messy and not at all environmentally friendly. Foam also deteriorates and turns color as it gets burned by the sun. And foam is highly flammable and burns out of control when on fire.

Foam roofs are extremely costly especially when you figure in the amount of maintenance and recounting they require.

Every roofer is trying to sell you a new roof or a foam spray roof coating  because that’s where they make all their money . But there’s a solution that will make any roof last nearly twice as long and at a fraction of the cost of spraying nasty foam all over your roof and roofers don’t want you learning about this roofing secret.


We’ve help pioneer a revolutionary option for extending your roofs life and at a fraction of the cost of buying a new roof every 15 years. What if you could get 40 years out of your existing roof because it didn’t degrade or deteriorate like every roof you’ve ever seen fall apart? What if I told you that there’s a secret that roofing companies don’t want you to know because it will kill their bottom line? What if I told you that this alternative option is so affordable that you’ll almost cry when you realize how much money you almost spent on a foam spray coating or a new roof ? 
No foam, No silicone, no harsh chemicals, no re spraying foam every 5 years, no roof deterioration, no dried out cracking roof shingle.  Your roof can be as good as new even when it’s 15 or 20 years old .



Don’t let another roofer sell you on buying a new roof before your take a look at this alternative that you had no idea existed and no roofing company in the world is going to tell you about .   With this secret, high tech solution you can extend the life of  your asphalt shingle roof by up to 50% longer, keep the shingles from deteriorating, keep your roof in like new condition for many years to come. No silicone, no white frosting, no flaky foam.

Roofing companies don’t want you learning this little secret because the roofing industry would be destroyed if everyone got ahold of this new roof life saving technology.

imagine a 15 or 20 year old roof this is the same new condition as the day it was first installed. Asphalt shingles begin to deteriorate because the asphalt properties dry out and become hard and brittle. The dryer the shingle becomes the more it begins to deteriorate and fall apart. But what if we told you that you can re hydrate the asphalt material through a revolutionary asphalt rejuvenation process. Don’t wait till your roof is already 20 years old and shingles are flying off the roof,

contact us today and let us show you an option you didn’t know exists,