Does solar save money ?

Many people have misconceptions when it comes to how solar works and wonder Does Solar Save Money Really ?Misconceptions are usually created by one of the following.

1- Many solar companies over price and over sell solar to the point that it doesn’t save customers  any money. In most cases this is due to the fact that most solar companies structure the sales pay plans so that the sales rep is forced to over price the system in order to make a commission.

2- Solar companies doing business outside of their service area thus costing them additional travel costs, hotels, shipping, and additional labor or per diem pay. These cost are passed down to the consumer usually adding thousands of dollars to the price of their solar power system.

3- Greedy company owners. In many cases where we have been called out to give a second opinion on the cost of solar, we found eight out of ten companies overcharging by as much as nine thousand dollars.

So what sets 48solar apart from the rest of the solar world ? well 48Solar was built on a completely different sets of standards than todays business owner. 48solar was founded on taking away from big corporate utilities and giving savings options to consumers that really work. In most cases we are able to save consumers a few hundred dollars on their first year of going solar. When people go solar they should expect to see some type of saving in the first year and those savings will grow over time as utility cost rise and solar power costs remain the same.

So you ask yourself who do I turn to for an honest solar evaluation ? Well 48solar never charges for a free solar evaluation, We are part of the communities that we work within, we pledge to deliver an honest, fast and accurate solar evaluation every time without fail. Our commitment is to save people money by using  clean, reliable, renewable energy generated by the sun.

Solar should be simple and hassle free. Get your free online solar quote started in less than 60 seconds. or give our office a call to set up an absolutely free energy evaluation by one of our highly trained energy consultants.  Our mission is to exceed your expectations.IMG_1750