Explaining how Angies List really works


Title: The Truth About Lead Generation Services: Unveiling Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Yelp,  and Similar Companies


In the world of home improvement and contracting services, lead generation companies have become a popular way for consumers to connect with contractors. One such company is Angie’s List, but it is essential to understand the inner workings of these platforms and the potential implications for consumers. While Angie’s List offers a platform for users to find contractors, it’s worth examining how it operates as a lead generation service that collects customers’ information and sells it to contractors within a specific radius.

The Mechanics of Lead Generation:

Lead generation companies like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and Yelp  act as intermediaries between consumers seeking services and contractors looking for potential clients. Users can submit their project details and preferences on these platforms, which then match them with relevant contractors. However, behind the scenes, these platforms operate on a different business model.

Angie’s List and Consumer Information:

Angie’s List, much like other lead generation companies, gathers valuable consumer information during the registration process. This data includes personal details, project requirements, and contact information. While the primary purpose may be to connect consumers with contractors, it’s no secret that these platforms also utilize this information for additional purposes.

Selling Consumer Information:

One of the key criticisms of lead generation services is the practice of selling consumer information to contractors. These companies often collect your information and project details, them sell that information to contractors within a specific radius, typically within a hundred-mile radius. This allows contractors to access potential leads and pitch their services directly to interested consumers. One big thing to consider when shopping contractors through platforms like Angie’s List, Yelp and home advisor, contractors can be charged up to $200.00 for a single lead provided to them by Angie’s list, this means that additional cost will most likely be passed onto the end consumer as part of your project cost.

Angie’s List and the business of  lead generation:

When it comes to the lead generation industry, Angie’s List is just one player among many. While it may have gained popularity, it is essential to recognize that there are numerous other companies operating under similar business models. The core revenue stream for these companies lies in selling consumer information to contractors, earning millions in the process.

Consumer Considerations:

For consumers, it is vital to be aware of the implications when using lead generation services like Angies List. While these platforms can connect users with contractors, it’s important to understand that the contractors who reach out are likely paying for access to consumer information. This means users may receive multiple calls or emails from various contractors, some of whom may not meet their specific needs. Keep in mind the hidden or inflated cost due to the price your contractor paid to the lead generation company just to get in front of you. The cost of purchasing your lead from Angie’s list is usually passed onto the consumer in the end.

How to save money while searching for a reputable company or contractor :

There are far better ways to find a vetted company or contractor rather than selling your information to everyone in town.  The Better Business Bureau is one such service that goes to great lengths to ensure your privacy and does not sell consumer information to anyone.  The better business bureau vets every company and if there’s ever a problem with a contractor they will step in as a mediator to resolve such issues.
Another great way to vet a company or contractor is the use of google reviews. Google reviews are your fellow home owners, neighbors and consumers who have done business with a particular company and have provided feed back about their experience on google.


Lead generation services like Angies List, HomeAdvisor, Yelp sell consumer information as a lead service to contractors. It’s important to acknowledge that these platforms primarily operate as lead generation services, collecting consumer information and selling it to contractors within a specific radius. While they provide a valuable service in connecting users with contractors, consumers must be aware of the potential consequences and manage their expectations accordingly.

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How using the Better Business Bureau or Google Reviews can save you money :

In most cases your better off just reviewing companies using the Better Business Bureau or reading through google reviews on just about any company you might want to do business with, and since the company isn’t paying out hundreds of dollars to buy your information, you will most likely save money in the long run because you’ve cut out the middle man and went directly to your selected contract and got direct pricing for your project.