Free solar in Jamul


We’ve all been bombarded with the “ Free Solar “ marketing adds on the internet and even in the mail and this leaves many people asking the question is there really Free Solar In Jamul or anywhere else in SanDiego ?


To answer this question with clarity once and for all I’m here to tell you No nothing’s is ever really free. Sure the energy you can harvest from the sun using solar panels truly is free but you’ll need to first acquire a solar panel system in order to harvest this energy but let’s face it, if the solar panels were really free then how does the company making the panels get paid ? And I seriously doubt that the guy or gal selling you this system is working for free, right?  So to clear up all confusion let’s break down how it all really works and where the term free solar comes from.


Unfortunately many sales companies in general use less than reputable sales tactics  and this leads to a lot of confusion and in many cases upset customers. So why do companies say “ Free solar “ or  “ No cost solar “ ?
In the solar industry there are several ways to  acquire a solar panel system . The first is to buy a system out right and pay cash for it so you own it from day one with no payments.  Second is to use a loan that allows you to make monthly payments on your solar power system and the third is a solar lease or power purchase agreement and this lease or ppa is where the confusion starts.

Many solar companies use a lease or power purchase agreement to offer solar and they call it free solar. But is it really free ?   So here’s how it works. A power purchase agreement is written up in such a way that your not really buying the solar system but rather your paying for the power produced by the solar system to the company installing  the solar system.  A lease is written in such a way that you not buying the system but your just leasing the equipment and the power is a byproduct of the photovoltaic panels. In any-case there’s still a monthly payment required regardless of wether your leasing or doing a power purchase agreement and so can we really call it free ? In our opinion no, using the word  FREE to lure in customers to buy in our opinion is misleading and dishonest.

So what’s the real benefit of choosing solar electricity for your home ?


1- Regardless of how your purchase a solar energy system you now control your energy costs by producing your own energy. If you use a loan then you know your payment will never change and your solar loan payment is cheaper than  your current utility bill.

2-If you choose a power purchase agreement then your really just changing who you buy your electricity from but with a power purchase agreement you can count on your monthly energy cost never changing or increasing just like a lease.

3-If you buy your system upfront and have the cash to lay out then you own the system out-right and you’ll never have any payments due and your control all your energy production as well as you can now sell any excess electric to your utility provider.

So what’s the best system and loan or lease option for me?

Well there are several different things to consider financially when choosing the right solar loan or lease option.


Fist is what is your annual tax liability ?  Second thing to consider is your monthly budget.  What option fits you best ? Let us help you find the best option possible to fit your budget and your energy needs.

At 48Solar Jamul, SanDiego, East county we don’t use sales tactics or fancy smoke and mirrors presentations. Instead we educate though facts and deliver on integrity.
Our company model is simple “ We do it right the first time or we don’t do it at all”

We offer a no sales approach to solar, we will never try pushing you into buying anything. Our customers choose us because because we bring integrity to the table when others bring smoke and mirror shows.

48Solar services SanDiego’s East County. Our state licensed certified Installers have been providing SanDiego County residents with clean solar energy for more than 20years.

Getting a no hassle, no sales pressure quote is as easy as clicking here and taking 60seconds to provide us with some basic information so we can serve you best.