Going solar in SanDiego

Its no secret that California Residents benefit from huge savings when it comes to generating their own solar power energy.  So why haven’t all SanDiego residents gone solar ?  Debugging the myths surrounding going solar in SanDiego county.


1-” Solar is a long term investment” in reality solar customers see savings on day one and that savings only grows as time goes on but if you don’t look over the future savings then you won’t see the biggest savings. With the use of a simple calculator  you can very quickly see that solar has huge savings potential as time goes on.

2-” I don’t think it will save me money ” in even the fewest situations where a customer might not see huge savings today just remember that utility costs have been on the rise forever but when you own a solar system you now control your energy cost by generating your own power at a fixed cost.


3- “But the power company said solar isn’t right for me”    Did you think the power company was going to be thrilled ab out you going solar? In some cases customers have reported to us that when they contacted their utility provider to ask questions about going solar, the utility company representavive discouraged them and tried to find other solutions like changing plans in order to show the customer a short term savings that would still continue to get more expensive over time.


4- The typical customer spends an average of $300.00 per month or more on power to operate their SanDiego home and the utility costs just keep going up. The good news is that these same homes can benefit greatly from solar and energy cell storage technology and its cheaper than what you currently pay to SDG&E for your monthly power bill and its a fixed cost that doesn’t change.


Solar power in SanDiego county makes sense from both a savings stand point as well as an investment. If you continue supporting your local utility provider will you ever see a return on your money ?? well let me answer that for you ” NO ” utility companies will continue raising rates, you will continue paying and the only people benefiting is the power company. I can most assure you that the power company will never send you a profit sharing check for being a paying customer.  Solar energy is simple, affordable, Easy, and most important is saves everyone money on power bills.     4AEB68F8-B4AB-40D0-BDBF-6EE85C0A7819

4- If big utility companies see the benefit of generating power with solar so should you !

5- Going solar is as simple as 1-2-3-4

1- Is your roof in good condition ?

2-Does your roof have good exposure to sun light with minimal or no shading ?

3- Do you want to save money own your electric bill ?

4- Set up a no hassle no pressure meet and greet with 48 solar and you will quickly see the difference in how we do business.  No Sales Pressure, No Gimmicks, No sales presentation with smoke and mirrors.

If utility companies see the benefit in using solar powered energy then you should to.

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