How often do solar panels need cleaning

Protecting  your solar investment 

If you have invested in solar for your home then your probably asking yourself how often do solar panels need  cleaning ?  Since solar has become more popular across the country so has the number of mobil wash services popping up all over the place.  The biggest misconception being sold to solar home owners by these mobil wash services is how often your solar panels need cleaning.

How often do solar panels need cleaning ?

To answer this question bluntly and honestly, one or two times per year is all your solar system needs. Any more than this is just a waste of your money .  Solar panel manufacturers like LG, Q-Cell & Kyocera  have spent millions on research and development researching  the effects of dirty solar panels.  The results of these tests have revealed that it takes a significant amount of dirt to affect the power production of your homes solar panels and that cleaning them more than one or two times per year is just a waste of money. However many splash & dash solar cleaners will try to sell you on cleaning services every one,  two or three months. This is a huge waste of your money and is completely unnecessary regardless of what these splash & dash solar cleaners tell you.


While many Mobil wash services have there place in the world, roof top solar cleaning is not one of them. Manufacturers like LG, Silfab, Q-Cell and many others recommend that only a certified solar professional should be working on or performing any type of maintenance on your photovoltaic solar power system including cleaning of the panels. In fact we’ve seen many issues arise including damaged solar panels and damaged roofing as a result of using the wrong equipment or high pressure washing equipment to clean solar panels. This is why it’s extremely important to hire a professional services that follows manufacturer guidelines when servicing and cleaning your solar system.

          Solar panel damaged by pressure washing 

Its important to understand the difference between a real solar professional and a handy do all service. 
With the growing number of landscape & handyman services dabbling in solar cleaning, it’s important that you do extensive research before hiring anyone to service your expensive solar investment.  Let’s face it, a thousand different mobil wash services come and go every few months but established solar installers and service companies are more likely to be around when you really need them.  The second thing that troubles the solar service industry is the vast number non solar certified services that are trying to sell customers on cleaning their solar panels every three or  four months. This is truly a waste of your money . Solar panels do not loose enough energy production to justify the cost of cleaning them every 3-4 months. Solar  If anyone tells you that you need solar cleaning every 3-4 months then do yourself a favor and get a second opinion from a certified solar professional .


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Solar panel cleaning and solar related services should always be performed by a legitimate solar professional.
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