How to chose a certified solar service company

So you jump on google looking for a solar service provider only to be bombarded by sales companies, Landscapers, Janitors and handy man service all taking up space on google in the solar service category.
so how do you chose the best solar service company ?

Here are top three things to look out for when considering a solar service provider.
#1- Does the company specialize in solar or is solar just one of the fifteen different things they dabble in. Seems everyone these days wants to dabble in industries they have no training or certifications in.  Photovoltaic solar systems use sophisticated  equipment and are usually an expensive investment in your home, this is why they should only be worked on by certified solar technicians or electricians who have gone through rigorous training and manufacturer certification.


2- The handy man- jack of all trades master of none.
There’s a place for handymen but roof top photovoltaic power systems are not it.
handyman, landscapers, lawn services, janitors,  security guards, Chimney sweeps & Tree trimmers all have their one specialty but again photovoltaic solar power systems are not one of them.   Ask yourself this question, would you let a janitor do your dental work ? Or a plumber work on your brand new car ? Of course not! This is the same reason why is crucial to investigate the company servicing your solar power system. Make sure they are not just another jack of all trades but rather a true photovoltaic solar company.  A true solar company will specialize in solar & roof top related service not landscaping, window cleaning, janitorial work or tree trimming.


#3  Insurance, Workers compensation, Bond, General liability insurance.
again it’s the one place where 99% come up short. A company that specializes in their field will carry insurance specific to that field. Many handy man type services carry little or no insurance, they hire friends or day laborers to work under the table, they have no workers compensation insurance, no general liability and no real experience in the field they work in.


When you want the best solar service without the hassle and worry, then hire a certified professional solar company that specializes in what they do. Specialized companies are constantly learning, going thru comprehensive training courses, manufacturer training updates, solar installation update classes,  and most importantly they don’t do fifteen other things because you can’t specialize in anything when your doing fifteen different things.


Hire a certified pro and let the “jack of all trades, master of none”  stay on the ground and off your expensive roof top solar investment.
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