Is Solar panel cleaning required


It’s probably the second most frequently asked question that we hear from clients, is solar panel cleaning really necessary?  Well to answer that question let me ask you this, if you never washed the windshield on your car would you still be able to see through it after just a year ? Solar panels do lose power output as they get dirty but not as much as some people would have you believe . We’ve been told that many Mobil solar wash guys tell customers that solar panels need to be cleaned every 2 or three months. Well this is absolutely a myth and a complete waste of your solar savings.  Yes solar panels should be cleaned one or two times a year but there is absolutely no data to support cleaning your solar panels more than twice a year .

What Does the Research Say?

Extensive testing has been performed by multiple solar research & develop  companies and manufacturers  providing  data that supports the facts, a  light coating of dust will not cause your solar panels to drop enough energy production to justify the expense of cleaning them more than twice a year.


Solar panel cleaning & Maintenance should always be performed by a certified solar company in order to preserve your warranty.  Like many other services there is a hundred different people running around your city doing everything from cleaning trash bins, washing roofs & mowing lawns but who should you trust your 30,000 dollar solar system to ? Well solar panel manufacturers like Silfab , Rec, LG and many others recommend using a certified solar company that specializes in solar panel sales, design and installation.


True solar companies are certified and factory trained  in all aspects of photovoltaic systems including solar panel cleaning maintenance. If you’d like to learn more about properly caring for your photovoltaic solar power system contact your solar professionals at 48Solar .
Our team of solar experts has more than 20 years of combined solar expertise in all phases of solar including solar design, installation, maintenance and more.
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