Jamul Solar Company

In the east county of SanDiego sits the back country town of Jamul Ca. Many back country residents have have invested in solar energy and for a good reason. With SDG&E rates on the rise and summer temperatures hitting triple digits, many residents are seeing electric bills also hitting triple digits. As you get farther east away from the down town coast line the weather gets warmer and that means more people are using air conditioning to cool their homes and with a/c comes higher electric bills.

Solar is a clean alternative energy that only requires the sun coming out each day to produce large amounts of electricity that can be used to power homes, well pumps  and small businesses.  Considering solar in Jamul Ca for your home ? Well your there’s definitely no shortage of companies to chooses from but there is a shortage of integrity these days. Most companies are only in it to make a quick dollar then disappear never to be heard from ever again.
So where do you turn for a realizable Jamul Solar Company ? Let us introduce you to a guy who’s name was built on integrity and doing thing the right way.


Leonard Manos a long time resident of Jamul and Dulzura knows the community like most don’t ! He’s watched the residents come and go and even moved away himself but you can’t just leave and forget about it. The smell of sage brush and oak trees never quite lets you go. He’s seen the influx of new comers to the area and many who passed on after generations in the area. The one thing he hasn’t don’t is loose sight of what matters most in the back country, “ Integrity in community “ looking out for your neighbor has always been part of who we are.  As I kid I remember riding my bike to the Dulzura cafe and even to the Jamul Trading post for a soda pop and beef jerky.

Today I offer a clean, cheaper source of power for those who want to save money on their power bill.  Our business model is simple. “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME OR DONT DO IT AT ALL”  we don’t want all those big city companies running a muck in our east county. We keep it simple, affordable and honest because that who we are.


If your looking for a Jamul solar company to provide service for your east county home, I’d like to introduce you to a guy who’s been serving solar customers for years and has more training and understanding that all the new big companies that have popped up in the last 5-8 years.  Getting  a quote in person or online is as simple as clicking here and booking your in person solar evaluation.