Top three things to consider when choosing a Professional Solar Service

There’s a lot of look a-likes and side show solar services running around these days so how do you choose a professional solar service over a look-A-Like ?  We are going to go over the top three things to consider when choosing a professional solar service for your home or business.



#1- What does the company specialize in ? There’s no such thing as specializing in a plethora of services, in fact we call that a handy man service.  Handy man service will do almost anything for a few bucks and usually their sales pitch is how cheap they work. Of course cheap work never turns out to be great work.  A professional solar service will specialize in solar power systems and related solar services that are directly related to your solar power system.  You will never find a professional solar service mowing lawns or hauling trash or cleaning windows.  Solar technicians specialize in solar power systems, are highly skilled and trained in solar  and spend hundreds of hours each year updating their training to keep up with evolving solar technology.


#2- Look to see how many services your solar provider dabbles in that are not related to solar energy . If any of the services are outside the scope of solar energy then this is a sign that it’s not really a solar company but a handy man service advertising as a solar company. Solar companies will deal strictly in their specialized field of service.  A professional solar company may provide services such as solar installation, Solar maintenance, Solar repairs, Solar warranty work, Solar panel cleaning , Solar panel bird or debris netting to keep animals or debris from becoming lodged under your panels.


#3- Misrepresentation of past employment to try and build credibility:  Just because someone once worked as a government employee or a county employee, or a military employee, or a movie star for a short period doesn’t qualify them as a professional in any field of work.  The only real qualification for being a solar professional is hundreds of hours of manufacturer training, nationally accredited certification and time on the job.


48Solar & Roofing has been serving solar customers starting in 1998 to current. We hold multiple certifications in photovoltaic energy systems as well as working hand in hand with nationally recognized solar manufacturers like LG, Q-Cell, Silfab, Kyocera, And many more.  Our installation & Service partners are fully state licensed, bonded & insured.  Our warranties range from 25 years to lifetime on selected products and service. Our services are all solar or roof top related and include  Solar sales, Solar design, Solar installation, Solar maintenance and solar panel cleaning. Working hand in hand with our solar partners, we provide new solar & roofing sales, installation, maintenance, repairs and warranty work. Some of our work and workmanship comes with a lifetime guarantee .


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