Renewable Power In Arizona

Named the sunniest state in the entire country, maybe that’s why we are the leader in producing Renewable Power In Arizona with photovoltaic solar panels.


The growing trend of producing electricity for Arizona homes and businesses has boomed for the last few years and its only gotten better as time has gone on. With both state and federal tax incentives home and business owners alike are turning to solar energy to produce their own power and cut growing utility costs to a minimum.

So with all the incentives and all the tax advantages you might be asking yourself why hasn’t everyone turned to Renewable power in Az ?

Well the answer just might shock you ! In nine out of ten cases it’s because home or business owners are under the assumption that going solar requires a huge out lay of cash in order to achieve energy independence. In fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. In 99% of cases we have been able to finance 100% of consumers new solar power systems and the payment for the new system is usually cheaper than their average utility bill. The best part about going solar is that unlike the utility company, your monthly solar bill will never go up ever again.

The second misconception about going solar is that all solar companies are the same and this couldn’t be further from the truth. While many companies are very similar in how they sell solar there are a few elite Renewable power solar companies in Arizona that stand far above the rest when it comes to delivering real value in solar. Choosing a great company is what makes a real difference. At 48Solar we’ve always but the customers needs before our own and this has allowed us to build a reputation as a leader of renewable power in Arizona.
At 48Solar you can count on these five things –

1- No sales gimmick smoke and mirror shows.

2-Customer service is always #1

3-Better communication

4-Industry leading equipment

5-The best warranties in the industry.

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