Roof coating

Commercial grade roof coating materials by 48Solar & Roofing.


Roof coatings can make or break a roof so it’s extremely important that you choose a roofing company that only applies the highest grade commercial roof coating products available.  Many roofing companies cut corners by using cheap low grade products found at your local hardware store or home improvement centers. The biggest problem is that these low grade products are just temporary fixes.


All flat roofed homes and building usually pond water and this can result in leakage when low grade sealers and coatings are applied. Commercial grade roof coating products applied by our certified contractors, are guaranteed not just by the applicator but by the manufacturer as well.


Not all applicators or roofing contractors are the same : unfortunately it seems to be a standard practice for roofing companies to cut corners in order to save a few dollars, this results in low quality products being applied to your roof.

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Roof coating preparation:  in recent roofing inspections performed by our certified roofing inspectors, more than 1/2 of the roofs we inspected with roof coatings had dirt, rock and debris under the coating causing a failure in the coatings ability to repel water. We found that many of the applied roof coating products had been applied right over dirty surfaces, most likely to save a few dollars in labor by the person or company.

What should you expect to get when applying roof coating water barrier to your home or business :

At 48Solar & roofing you can count on the following: #1 Every roof will be professionally cleaned and prepared before any coatings are applied to your roof.    #2 Only the highest grade commercial materials will be used on your roof. We provide services above and beyond every clients expectations and we never cut corners or use cheap products in order to save a few dollars.  Get a free online roof costing quote today click here .