Roofing FAQ.

Need a new roof but where do you start ?  With so many unreliable companies drowning the market, how do you choose a reputable company that won’t leave you sitting in the rain?

When comparing roofing companies here is a list of things to consider looking for in a reliable roofing company.


#1 – Are you shopping for the cheapest price or the highest quality? To many times people get stuck on shopping for the cheapest price, but price and quality rarely play ball on the field. Cheap prices usually require cheaper materials and less reliable service. A reliable company has many other expenses including insurance, workers comp, employee pay-roll, Vehicle insurance, equipment insurance, fuel and maintenance expenses.  When you considering price, beware that anyone or any company offering cheap prices, is usually a company cutting corners to save money and not delivering the quality you should expect from a professional roofing company.

#2- Is Reliability important  !  If you’ve ever hired a contractor then you know that finding a reliable and honest contractor is harder than you would think it should be. From no scheduling to excuses that never end, finding a true professional roofing contractor is a daunting task in yuma. The never ending excuses, no shows, and inexperienced pool of local serves constantly reminds us that reliability is hard to find.

#3 Is experience important ? : Anyone can slap a tool belt with a hammer on their side and call themselves a professional but what are you really hiring. Your roof is the most important part of your homes exterior and it keeps the water outside and keeps it from causing major damages to your homes walls and ceilings. Experience is a must have when hiring a roofing company to work on your roof.

At 48 Solar & Roofing we understand the challenges and the frustrations that people feel when searching through the muddy field of roofing contractors. At 48 Solar & roofing we provide the fundamental services that you should expect and demand.
Digital scheduling for on time service, experienced technicians that have had years of training and certification. On time, done right, professional grade roofing services and materials with 25 & 30 year warranties.

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