Rooftop solar in Yuma

If you live in Yuma Az then you’ve probably noticed the significant increase in Rooftop solar power being installed around the county.

Why are so many people switching to solar energy today ? There are several reasons for the switch to solar powered energy.

#1 No more out of control electric bills. That’s right when you go solar you control your energy costs no the the power company.

#2 Its affordable for everyone. Most people think they can’t afford solar but the truth is if you can pay your current power bill then you love that solar is cheaper than your current power bill.

3# No up front costs. There is no down payment when going solar. Regardless if your purchasing or financing your solar system we can provide 100% financing with little or No money down.

4# Sell power to the power company . You can actually sell electric to the local power company and make money off your solar system.  You can actually pay your entire utility bill with solar energy sold back to the power company.


48Solar has been delivering Rooftop solar in Yuma with excellent results for our customers. In most cases we can size a residential solar system large enough to offset 100% of your power bill with solar electricity.

learn more about rooftop solar and find out how much you can save by clicking here and taking our 30Second savings comparison.