San Diego Solar

48Solar & Roofing is an originator of San Diego Solar power systems and  solar panel cleaning services.


You want a professional when it comes to your photovoltaic solar panel system, at 48 Solar & roofing we know and understand the issues home owners face when searching for a reputable San Diego Solar service provider such as no shows, flaky business owners, unreliable service and more.

48Solar is owned and operated by a team of solar professional who bring more than 25 years of experience to the solar industry . Our solar service partners provide everything from solar  design to solar installation, maintenance, solar panel cleaning, solar array bird netting, pigeon removal and abatement.


Peaceof mind is knowing your solar needs can be handled by a real solar professional and not one of those handyman, Mobil car wash services.  Solar panels  require specific attention to detail so when your considering solar service or cleaning of any solar panel system there are a few things you should know.


Solar panels should never be cleaned with detergents, chemicals or chlorinated or city tap water and solar inspections or repairs should never be done by anyone who’s not certified or licensed. Photovoltaic solar system produce extremely high voltage and high amperage that can cause severe damage if not handled properly and with care.
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48Solar provides professionals who have years of experience, are licensed,  insured and every service technician is fully trained and certified in respect to the services provided.
When you are considering a new photovoltaic solar system or need services for your existing solar system we provide a one stop service that can provide home energy audits, solar design, Solar Installations , solar panel cleaning, solar bird netting and pigeon abatement roofing and roof shingle rejuvenation

If you live in San Diego and are looking for a true San Diego Solar professional that can provide all your solar needs then contact your San Diego Solar Professionals at 48Solar & Roofing.
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