San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning



Your solar panels are a significant investment in your home, so it’s important that you have them inspected, serviced and cleaned by a professional solar company.


Why choose a San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning company over a Mobil wash service ?
#1 – There’s a huge difference between a mobil wash and a solar company !
#2 – Solar companies do more than just splash water around.
#3 – Solar companies specialize in all aspects of solar, from installation to maintenance.
#4 – Solar companies follow strict solar manufacturer guidelines when maintaining solar.
#5 – Solar companies are certified in photovoltaic solar systems .
#6 – Solar companies carry all the hardware that is required to secure and maintain solar panels.
#7 – A solar company will provide a certified, full inspection of your system with every clean.
#8 – A solar company will carry a full coverage insurance certificate that covers you and your solar system.


Why you should avoid Mobil wash, power wash,  or handyman  solar wash services .
#1 – Mobil wash companies are not certified in photovoltaic solar or electrical systems.
#2 – Mobil power or detail washers usually come and go fairly quickly.
#3 – Mobil washers that only offer cleaning are not a true solar service provider and know little about your solar.
#4 – Mobil washers don’t carry the necessary parts, fasteners,  brackets or solar parts that may be needed.
#5 – Mobil washers don’t offer anything beyond a splash of  water because they do not work on solar systems.
#6 – Mobil washers are usually anyone with a pressure washer and a pick up truck and are not trained in solar.
#7 – Mobil washers are rarely insured and when they are it’s usually the very minimum coverage.

Your photovoltaic solar power system is a high voltage electrical generator  sitting on your roof and it should be treated with the respect and cautiousness of a high voltage power line. High voltage is extremely dangerous and can cause major damages including fire if not properly handled correctly and if damaged by incorrectly used equipment like pressure washers or chemical cleaning agents..
San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning experts like 48Solar, are highly trained, certified, insured and have years of experience in servicing solar power systems.  Every solar service truck is fully stocked and equipped with the proper equipment and necessary parts to address almost any situation while performing a free certified inspection before every service or solar system cleaning.

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