San Diego Solar

San Diego residents are calling their power bill outrageous. SanDiego boasts some of the best weather in the country, beautiful beaches, and outlandish electric bills. In fact SanDiego residents pay some of the highest power bills in the country.


In 2017 the union tribune wrote an article detailing the energy crises facing SanDiego California power consumers. The tribune went on to say that SanDiego had bumped off LosAngeles and is now the number one city with the most solar installed.

Utility companies are using more and more solar to generate the power they sell to consumers so many home owners but the smartest home owners have decided to bypass the middle man and go solar themselves.


San Diego Solar Power Eliminates Outrageous Power Bills with little to no up front cost and low monthly electric bills.

california in general has been a long time leader in renewable and clean energy and San Diego residents are definitely seeing the positive results in using solar as an energy source to homes and businesses.  In San Diego’s east county residents with larger homes and lots are utilizing simple yet effective ground mount systems to generate all the power they need to supply their homes with electricity.

So what has kept you from going solar ? Solar is simple, affordable and easy to own.

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