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85A65891-440A-4AFA-9BF1-75D54334E292SanDiego solar powered homes are saving big time on power costs. We did a poll on fifty SDG&E customers and found 33 of them averaged more than .40cents per kilowatt , fifteen of them averaged more than ..33 cents per kilowatt hour annually and only two out of the fifty were paying less than .30 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity.  Solar customers average less than .10 cents per kilowatt hour when they calculate the cost of energy produced by a roof top solar power system. So why aren’t more customers going solar ? Well the answer might surprise you. We polled 250 residents at random who hadn’t gone solar but who had at some point considered it and the #1 reason we were told why they hadn’t gone solar was they didn’t think they could afford solar for their home. The second most common answer was – dislike for sales people and the pressure that most sales people place on customers to buy today. Price ranked last on the scale while failure to follow through was third.


While SanDiego does boast some of the greatest weather in the United States, rural areas like Lakeside, Ramona, Julian, Escondido, and alpine experience extremely warm weather witch translates to much higher electric bills due to the demand for air conditioning while residents who live in areas like Chula Vista and down town SanDiego use significantly less power since they live closer to the water and experience cooler temperatures. Out of all the areas we researched ElCajon, Escondido, Ramona and campo experienced the highest temperatures during summer months. Owning a SanDiego Solar Powered home is simple and affordable.

We’ve designed a system that eliminates the middle man and delivers what we call “ Direct energy Solutions”” to the residents of SanDiego County. The same simple yet effective system that boosted 48Solar to become the number one company in Yuma Az and is now being utilized in our Local SanDiego Solar office and is available to SanDiego County resident.


A simple process that includes everything you need to know about converting your home to solar starts with just a few clicks, a free design, up front pricing and never any sales men or pressure. 

30 seconds is all you need to get started with affordable, alternative energy solutions that save you money month after month. 

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