Selling a home with solar, what you need to know.


With so many homes now having roof top solar, there are a couple things you might need to know when buying or selling  your solar powered home . From a buyers perspective you probably want to know a couple things like how many panels are on the roof ? How much power will the solar system generate and is the system in tip top shape?

With so many homes today having solar on the roof already, a solar inspection should be considered.  Most real-estate transactions  comes with a home inspection requested by the seller or buyer, but these home inspections don’t  usually cover the solar system in detail. Most home inspectors are not certified to inspect a photovoltaic solar system beyond noting that it is on the roof. This where your certified solar experts come in and make sure that your photovoltaic solar power system has no issues and is operating as it should be.

If your buying or selling a home with solar let us give you peace of mind with a ten point system inspection performed by a certified photovoltaic specialists to ensure the solar system on your new home or the home your selling is performing as it should and doesn’t have any major issues that would become a problem for your real-estate transaction.

F955CCA6-6571-45AA-B173-63377E82D02BTo schedule a real estate solar inspection contact our service department and let us take your solar worries away with a certified solar inspection.  Because your new home should be worry free.  Click Here to schedule your solar inspection .