Solar FAQ

49501652_938859329837815_1833000258481684480_oHere are some Solar FAQ ” frequently asked question”  that clients ask us and why they haven’t gotten the correct answers until meeting with us.

1- Does solar really work ?
Answer- yes solar really does work, just look at the facts. For every kilowatt hour you produce with solar is a kilowatt hour you won’t have to buy from your power company.

2- How does solar provide power to my home after the sun sets? Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - slider-1
Answer- When solar is done right it depends on a system called net metering or a battery storage system sometimes known as a power wall. During daylight hours your solar system actually generates more power than your home uses and the excess energy is stored in a battery or power wall system or the excess power is sent back to the grid and the kilowatt hours are tracked with the use of a net meter and those credits are used during non daylight hours to keep the lights on.

3- What is the difference between solar companies?

Answer : As far as solar equipment is concerned there usually isn’t any difference. The biggest differences are in the way solar is presented to consumers. In 9 out of 10 consumers we speak with have already spoken with numerous sales people but haven’t felt comfortable enough to go solar.

4- Do expensive solar panels work better than less expensive solar panels?

Answer : No, over the years we’ve used and tested numerous solar panel manufacturers and the results are always the same. Buying expensive panels is like buying name brand vs generic brands but both are usually manufactured with the same materials and sometimes by the same manufacturers.

5- What should I look out for when choosing a good solar company ?

Answer: finding the right solar company shouldn’t be hard but unfortunately it is. So many companies use high pressure sales tactics, over the top presentation or they offer promises of cash rebates, huge amounts of so called “ free extras “ that are actually added to the price of the system. So we recommend following these 4 steps when choosing a solar company .Yelp
5-1 : Does the company have customer reviews or online complaints ? Are they a member of the BBB, of course everyone at some point runs into that customer who wouldn’t give you a good review even if you gave them the world. So look at both and decide if your comfortable doing business with them
5-2 : Does the company offer a contract with a cancellation period? Sometimes we just change our minds as humans and no one should be forced into anything at the time of signing. Just keep in mind that at some point that company has spent money on your solar system and those costs must be paid for. 5115B5D9-E009-4EBB-BD93-1E8082F4712D

At 48Solar we’ve taken the “ SALE “ out of sales. Our highly educated and trained solar consultants do not “ sell “ solar, we educate people with facts not sales tactics.
Everyone knows that solar panels generate electricity and if you put enough of them together you can generate many kilowatts of power, enough to power a home, business or even a large solar powered warehouse like amazon or a Walmart distribution center. 48Solar has partnered with top leading installation contractors who have thousands of successful installations in SanDiego, Yuma Az, LasVegas NV, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. our installation partners are dedicated to delivering installation & solar excellence.
We also offer an absolutely free, no hassle no pressure solar energy evaluation. We’d like to earn your replete business as well as the referrals we know you’ll have when your powering your home with clean solar energy.