Solar in Jamul saves customers thousands.

0152A460-87C5-4715-AF6C-3123F8951EFAWhen you think SDG&E you automatically think of high SanDiego electric bills. In east county many countryside residents of Jamul, Dulzura and Apline are paying as much as 47cents per kilowatt hour for their electricity. This coupled with high humidity and warm summer temps means electric bills that can exceed $500.00 per month for some. 48Solar SanDiego  serves SanDiego county including the rural areas of Jamul, 70FF864A-0E79-4594-A30B-660D74815F92Dulzura, Alpine, Descanso, Pine Valley, Campo and east county SanDiego. Going solar in SanDiego is simple and easy when you choose 48Solar. SanDiego sees beautiful sunshine all year with few cloudy days allowing your SanDiego county home to be powered by the sun.   Solar is clean, affordable, easy to obtain, and best of all it saves money while reducing dependency on oil and fossil fuel.  New homes in SanDiego will be built with solar so why not get your home retrofitted for clean renewable energy. DCIM100MEDIADJI_0086.JPG