Solar Panel Cleaning

48Solar is always evolving to meet the needs of our valued clients and the communities we serve that’s why we are one of the only true full service solar companies offering everything from solar design, installation, service , maintenance and solar panel cleaning services.

Today we are going over why choosing a solar company over a washing detail person is important when it comes to solar panel cleaning and why protecting your solar investment from damages is a priority.

Sure there’s a million wash guys running around the countryside. It seams everyone with a truck and a hardware store pressure washer is an expert but are they really.  Here’s what you need to know when choosing a professional to provide your solar panel cleaning services.


No Pressure ! What most detail wash guys don’t know is that pressure washers are not a do all fix all when it comes to cleaning everything. In fact most solar panels manufacturers specifically warn that using a pressure washer for solar panel cleaning can damage the panels and void the 30 year warranty.


No Soaps or chemicals. Soaps and cleaning chemicals can add significant surface friction to glass solar panels and cause them to get even more dirty because soap leaves a sticky film that attracts dirt and harsh chemicals can damage the water tight seals that protect the solar panels.


NO SQUEEGEE. You’ve probably used a squeegee to clean your windshield on many occasions but why do so if you don’t have to ?  A squeegee is just another tool coming into contact with your glass solar panels. When the right equipment is used there will be no need for a squeegee on your solar system.
Using the wrong equipment for the job.  Any professional in any industry should be fully equipped to handle any situation that they come across. Solar panel cleaning experts are not usually equipped to detail cars or rv’s and most Rv detail wash companies are not properly equipped to provide safe and proper solar panel cleaning services.  Click here to learn about the 3 ways to not clean solar panels. 

on average a solar powered system can cost upwards of $24,000.00 dollars so ask yourself this question. Do you really want to gamble on letting just anyone service or provide your solar panels cleaning service ?
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