Solar panel bird problems

Got solar panel bird problems ? We have the answers to fix this issue .

Birds love solar panels especially pigeons.  With more and more solar installations there seems to be an increased number of pigeon infestations.  So what do need to know about pigeons nesting under your solar panels ?


The first thing to know is pigeons carry some serious diseases that affect your health and in some cases have caused death to humans.

So if you got bird problems with your solar panels we have the answers and the services your going to need to resolve the problem.


In most cases of pigeon or bird infestation under solar panels, customers are surprised to see just how much fesses and debris are built up under the solar panels. Birds can build poop approximately one pound of bird bop per month. No times that by 30 days a month over a year and then times that by 20 to 30 pigeons nesting under the solar array.

Pigeons can East build up to 500 lbs of bird poop and nesting materials soaked in fesses under your roof top solar array.  These bird nestings can cause blockage of run off water causing it too seep under your roof tiles and soaking your roofs protective barrier. Over time as the bird nesting causes back up and gets under the the paper roof barrier becomes saturated and begins failing.

If your experiencing solar panel bird problems with your solar panels this can deteriorating your roof and shortening the life span of your roof by up to 50%.


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if your experiencing an infestation of birds or have pigeons living under your solar panels, contact 48Solar & Roofing and evict the birds today.
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