Solar Power Misunderstandings In Yuma


In our extensive time in the solar industry we’ve learned a few things by just listening to our clients and with that is the top Four Solar Power Misunderstandings In Yuma  and Reasons You Have Not Gone Solar Yet.

#1 Misunderstanding : We’ve had clients tell us that because they don’t understand how solar works and they don’t understand the utilities agreement between solar customers and utility companies that they don’t know if solar can save them money.

#2 Mislead by other companies : Many customers have done their due diligence and have spoken to at least one other company and some have spoken to as many as  half dozen and were left still feeling in the dark and as if they hadn’t learned any more than what they knew before they started.

#3 Less than reputable companies destroying the reputation of an industry:  Unfortunately there are companies and sales reps in every industry that are less than reputable and their only goal is to make a quick sale regardless if its a good choice for the customer or not

#4 Companies that don’t follow up and are never heard from ever again : Many clients have told us that not only did they already speak to another company but that other company never came back to complete the transaction even when the client was ready to go solar.

So what sets 48solar apart from others you ask ? Well our owners and management started out just like everyone else at one point in time and over the years they sifted through the best and the worst of every company out there and took only the best ideas, refined them and built a new process from the ground up making the customer first no matter what. The idea is simple, if you put the customer first every single time no matter what then those satisfied customers will boost business through positiver reviews, word of mouth referrals and sharing their positive experience with others about the company that put integrity first.

The answers you need to know:

#1 Big utility companies have spent millions on advertising designed to confuse customers and divert them from going solar. Recently a big Arizona utility spent millions on adds that mislead and confused customers in an attempt to discourage them from looking at solar. Our facts based process shows consumers how solar and utilities really work.

#2 48solar uses a simple, easy to understand, exact calculations based on historical data usage from the customers utility account. unlike companies who use calculations based on square footage, we use actual usage data to calculate exact power usage requirements for every solar design.  Using a simple easy to understand educational system allows our clients to make a better decision making based on facts not sales gimmicks. we will have customers wait until they have enough historical data usage rather than sell them something we don’t believe in and we know won’t work for them.

#3 Our reputation was built on facts not sales. We have seen many companies come and go and far too many companies using less than reputable tactics that later leads consumers to believe that everyone is the same. The owners at 48Solar America took only the best concepts, the best process, the highest standards and incorporated the highest level of integrity into the customer process and thus delivering the highest level of standards in the industry. The model is called ” Customers First “.

#4 We handle and control the customer process from the top using the latest customer management software tools allowing us better over sight and assuring that customers are followed up with every time. Our mission is to deliver unrivaled service in the solar industry. Our clients and community members voted us the #1 solar company in 2018.

Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism that all put the customer first.