SunRun solar in Yuma

SunRun solar in Yuma is a reality for everyone now. 48Solar, Yuma’s premier solar provider is a certified SunRun solar consulting agency.

We will break down the benefits of a SunRun solar system in Yuma and explain who benefits from Choosing  SunRun solar in Yuma and how solar works. 


So we all know that there are many options when it comes to choosing a great solar system and a solar provider to install it but what makes SunRun solar in Yuma so popular ? Well it could be that a SunRun solar system comes backed by SunRun’s 25year service contract ! Or it could be that you don’t need to ever worry about servicing the system because SunRun takes care of everything including warranty, installation, service, monitoring and hassle free maintenance.


SunRun is the largest provider of solar lease and ppa agreements. But what makes SunRun a great option for many you ask ?  Well it’s simple really. SunRun allows consumers to achieve energy independence without having to put out any money for their solar energy system. Think of sun run like a bank except they offer more than just loans. SunRun will purchase your solar panels for you, have them installed by a professional and then SunRun will monitor the solar system energy production on a daily , monthly and yearly basis.  If the system ever has any issue then SunRun will send out a certified technician to diagnose and repair the system at no cost to the home owner.

SunRun also offers the best roof warranty in the industry when it comes to making sure your roof is sealed properly and never leaks as a result of installing solar panels on your roof.

SunRun will help take advantage of federal and state tax credits for those who are unable to leverage these tax credits and this allows home owners to go solar with no out of pocket expense.

Does your home qualify for SunRun solar in Yuma ?

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