Sunrun Solar San Diego

4DA9A14E-61B9-4D6F-8DAA-2795E75111D1When people think about solar many times Sunrun comes to mind first. Sunrun solar systems offer some of the best warranties along with 24/7 monitoring for peace of mind.CBB66890-101A-4B5D-92C1-F44774957D79

Sunrun solar San Diego offers no upfront cost systems along with finance and lease options that can be custom tailored to fit any type of budget and roof type.

Sunrun is offered in many states including California and Arizona.   The beauty oof sun is is their customizable finance or lease purchase options that fit any homeowners budget and save consumers money with locked in energy production rates.  48Solar SanDiego and 48Solar Arizona are Sunrun run accredited and have completed hundreds of Sunrun money saving agreements for customers..

Why Choose a 48Solar SunRun solar power system?


25 year warranties, production guarantees,  EZ financing, lease and PPA options customer tailored to fit any budget and a installation roof warranty at no additional cost.

Sunrun solar systems are our specialty at 48Solar. Our Sunrun authorized installers have completed thousands of  Sunrun installations with 100% customer satisfaction.


We use a simple, no pressure, no salesmen solar evaluation. Because we deal direct through our Sunrun relationships we get the best equipment and value for our clients.  Get a no cost solar evaluation for your home in just 30 Seconds. Click here to get started easily :