SunRun Solar Yuma

Choosing the right solar provider is key to a successful and productive solar future.

Today we look in to the difference in solar providers and solar loan products.

Solar has many faces, many names and many different moving parts that make it work including Finance loans with companies like loan pal, dividend, Sun Nova and lease options with companies like Sun Run Solar and Sunlight financial.


So your asking yourself what’s the best option for my home ? Well the answer really depends on your financial status and wether your able to leverage the federal and state tax credits to your advantage.


For those who are unable to leverage federal tax credits a SunRun Solar ppa or lease is a great way to get affordable solar on your home without coming out of pocket with upfront fees. SunRun Solar Yuma offers consumers a low, fixed rate solar energy plan tailored to each home owners specific energy needs. SunRun solar is a great way to obtain affordable solar panels with no upfront cost, low fixed monthly solar energy bills, 25 year warranty and maintenance included and SunRun solar monitors the solar production 24/7 ensuring that your system never has any issues and if it does SunRun will provide service at no additional cost.


SunRun solar systems monitoring alerts SunRun if your system ever has any issues and then dispatches a certified repair contractor to fix any issues. It’s not very often that a SunRun solar system has any issues but it’s nice to know that if it does have an issue ever then your covered for the life time of the system.


With no upfront investment, Low monthly fixed energy bills, 25 year warranty and service repairs going solar is more affordable and easier than ever before.

SunRun solar is the nations leading solar equipment lease option.

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48 Solar offers SunRun solar options in the following markets .

Sunrun Solar Yuma and SunRun solar SanDiego