The Best Roof Coatings

The best roof coatings are not the ones you by at your local home improvement center.
When you want the best there’s one roofing source that stands above the rest, 48Solar & Roofing is your #1 source for the best roof coatings in the southwest.


Here’s why more home and commercial building  owners choose our roof coating services over the competitors.
#1 Reliability : After all, who wants to sit around waiting and hoping your roofing company will show up, especially when you have a roof leak.


What do you get with our best roof coatings and tune up package ? How about peace of mind!
Peace of mind knowing that our roof coating systems has a proven track record of keeping the water outside where is belongs.

Made in the USA ????????

Our high quality, commercial grade coatings are manufactured in the USA! We do not use any roofing materials manufactured outside of the United States. We believe in providing the best roof coatings backed by the best best names in roof product manufacturing.



How about the best warranty !

Our best roof coatings come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. We use only US manufactured roof coating products and we go the extra mile to ensure only the best products on the market are offered to our clients.
How about the best workmanship ? Our highly trained roof technicians have years of experience and hundreds of hours of training in roof construction and maintenance.

Get a certified roofing quote and let us show you the best roof coatings for your home or business roofing needs.

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